About Us

STI was founded in 2009 by Richard Anthony PhD, a “medical services entrepreneur”, whose past successes include a Pharmaceutical company developing anti-infectives, and a Contract Research Organization (CRO) providing full development out-sourcing services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

Dr. Anthony recognizes application of a medical device, whether for diagnostic and/or therapeutic purposes, relies more importantly on a physician’s skill in the “medical arts”, as much as their understanding of the “science” of medicine. Therefore, STI was predicated on the belief that healthcare professional’s need interactive medical device education. This need creates a continuous demand for Bioskills training, not only to obtain principles of anatomical knowledge but also to gain practical hands-on skills to solidify the learning experience.

Richard Anthony, PhD


Bioskills describes the practice of simulating a medical environment for the education of healthcare professionals, for the purposes of teaching, studying, training or researching, the gross structure of the human body, or performing medical or surgical procedures.

Bioskills replicates the surgeon-patient experience through the use of human, or animal anatomical specimens (whole, or in part), medical simulators, or synthetic models.

Why are bioskills important?

The intricacy of human anatomy drives a need for hands-on training to develop surgical skills.
Bioskills is considered the “Gold-standard” for delivering the practical repetition that Surgeons require to grow from competence to mastery. Whether novice or expert, these skills are better acquired and developed in a “simulated surgery” environment rather than risking live patients.