About Us

STI is a medical education company serving the needs of companies developing, researching, and marketing medical, surgical, or behavioral interventions.  

Richard Anthony PhD, a “medical services entrepreneur” founded STI in 2009. STI is one of several ventures he has founded including a Contract Research Organization (Catalyst Pharmaceutical Research LLC), and a pharmaceutical company (Janus Pharmaceuticals Inc/Topica Pharmaceuticals Inc).   

Dr. Anthony has >20 years of experience in Phase 1-3 clinical research having developed new chemical entities and biologics across a range of indications including vascular disease, oncology, diabetes, and infectious disease.

Richard Anthony, PhD


The intricacy of human anatomy drives a need for hands-on training using human anatomical specimens to develop surgical skills.

STI labs deliver the skills training that Surgeons require to grow from competence to mastery. Whether novice or expert, these skills are better acquired and developed in a “simulated surgery” environment rather than risking patients’ lives.

Clinical Research and Investigative Sites

Investigative sites play a critical role in a clinical trial’s success. However, there are many challenges to completing a trial among them, staffing shortages, poor subject visit or compliance, and limited enrollment due to small populations or multiple sponsors targeting the same population.

STI supplies protocol-compliant mobile facilities that can travel to patients’ homes. Each unit is professionally staffed to provide your trial’s healthcare services. Through such mobile, decentralized clinical sites investigators can reach critical populations at their homes, creating a more patient-first experience. Study participation is easier, recruitment is accelerated, protocol visits are never missed, and data integrity is never lost.